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Assuring Equal Beach Access

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich is working to ensure that Cape May County residents have access to Diamond Beach, by enforcing the Public Trust Doctrine.

articlearrow.gifMay 20, 2004: A New Jersey Appeals Court calls for reasonable beach access. Read the opinion of the court here.

articlearrow.gifPhiladelphia Inquirer article 1 and article 2.

articlearrow.gifRead a New York Times Article about our continued fight for Beach Access for a Cape May County community

articlearrow.gifLieberman Blecher & Sinkevich represents a group of shore property owners before the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Billboard Opposition

Our firm represents community groups against improper billboard proposals and zoning ordinances.

articlearrow.gifProtesters celebrate demise of billboard plan

articlearrow.gifBillboard foes keep them out of sight

articlearrow.gifBoard advises not to allow billboards

articlearrow.gifView a second article about the Mansfield Township Billboard challenge

articlearrow.gifLieberman Blecher & Sinkevich Defeats Harmful Billboard Ordinance in Burlington County

Brownfields Redevelopment

BROWNFIELDS REDEVELOPMENT: Buying/selling contaminated property

COAH (Council on Affordable Housing) Challenges/Appeals

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich represents organizations with regard to municipal Fair Share Plans and other COAH issues. The firm’s experience in practicing before municipal land use boards and various state and federal agencies lend to our ability to effectively represent our clients’ interest in COAH proceedings.

articlearrow.gifLieberman Blecher & Sinkevich Files Suit in Federal Court Against Millstone Borough for Its Blocking of Development

12/09/06 Update on the Franklin Township COAH Plan

articlearrow.gifRead a recent article authored by Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich regarding the importance of reviewing environmental constraints when considering affordable housing plans.

articlearrow.gifAn update on the Franklin Township Housing Plan as of 2/9/06.

articlearrow.gifThe Courier News reports on the February 8, 2006 Planning Board Meeting on Franklin Townships COAH plan

articlearrow.gifResidents sue to reverse project approval. Franklin Twp. council accused of illegal vote on big development.

articlearrow.gifClick here to read about a COAH challenge in Franklin Township, Somerset County, New Jersey where a community organization filed suit against the municipality for improperly adopting a Fair Share Plan.

Community Association Representation

Community/Citizen Group & Non-Profit Organization Representation

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich represents many community/citizen groups and non-profit organizations in local and regional land use, zoning, planning and environmental matters. These efforts may include participation in planning or zoning board hearings, initiation of administrative challenges, as well as the filing of state or federal lawsuits.

articlearrow.gifL&B Represents Neighborhood That Opposes Industrial Recycling Facility Within Community

articlearrow.gifStuart Lieberman represents Save Hamilt
on Open Space to solve flooding problems caused by noncompliant stormwater-management plan by developer.

articlearrow.gifRead About Stuart Lieberman’s Galloway Twp. Triumph in the Atlantic City Press

articlearrow.gifStuart Lieberman Wins for Save Hamilton Open Space against Hamilton Twp. Planning Board in Appellate Division—Read the Decision Here

articlearrow.gifRead About the Cell Tower That Was Planned for Rutherford –Before Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich Helped Kill It.

articlearrow.gifLieberman Blecher & Sinkevich Retained to Oppose Hillsborough 1500 Unit Age-Restricted Mega Project

articlearrow.gifLocal officials questioned by prosecutor’s office

articlearrow.gifStuart Lieberman Hired to Oppose a Temple Proposed in Franklin Township

articlearrow.gifRead About a DOT Official’s Arrest Relating to Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich’s Highlands-Sea Bright Bridge Case

articlearrow.gifLieberman Blecher & Sinkevich represents Bergen County Coalition that found that Teterboro Airport air quality is unhealthy

articlearrow.gifDevelopment heading to court for hearing Sept. 18

articlearrow.gifJudge: Point Beach must maintain lake

Lawsuit ripples community lake

Decision delayed once again on North Bruns. farm’s fate

Eagleswood backs state dredging of Westecunk Creek Residents fear location of material, noise

Stuart Lieberman Files Suit to Protect Historic Forney House in Milltown

Stuart Lieberman Files Suit Regarding Highlands-Sea Bright Route 36 Bridge

Group says bank threatens lawsuit

Worried about their wells

Warehouse foes fear contamination

Facing Angry Crowd, DOT Defends Decision To Replace Highlands Bridge

Citizens group hires law firm over drawbridge replacement

Attorneys seek state records on bridge project

Hamilton residents sue to halt strip mall

We are hired to stop inappropriate coastal dredging project.

Court date set in Meirs Road warehouse case

Failure to comply

Lawsuit reveals residents’ deep dissatisfaction with shallow lake

Citizens sue borough over health of Lake of the Lillies

An Update on the Lake Grinnell Bridge Preservation

More information about the Lake Grinnell Bridge Preservation

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich successful in halting destruction of historic bridge

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich wins victory before Peapack-Gladstone land use board and prevent construction of single-family golf cottages

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich has been retained by a group of Upper Freehold residents to oppose an inappropriate warehouse proposal.

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich works with Somerset County-based Community Group to prevent conversion of golf course cottages to permanent single family homes.

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich is experienced in opposing land use applications on behalf of citizens and organizations throughout New Jersey. Click here to read about a victory in Somerset County where we were successful in defeating a major development that was troubling to the community.

Eminent Domain can be used to preserve property and fend off overdevelopment.

Citizens in Somerset County pleased with Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich’s successful case before the Bernards Township Planning Board, opposing over development.

The attorneys at Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich represent the Sierra Club-New Jersey Chapter and residents of Old Bridge in opposing a mixed-use development that may threaten the local environment

A behind the scenes look at an epic land use fight in Somerset County, NJ

Our successful efforts to save a battlefield site from becoming a chain drug store location

One challenge to a municipal spending proposal on the basis that it violates State public spending laws.

A challenge to a municipal Zoning Board for improperly granting a use variance.

Read more about the case in Howell

Read about Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich’s work before the Bernards Township Planning Board.

Environmental Compliance

6/19/2006 Hear Wall Street Journal Radio’s Gordon Deal interview Stuart Lieberman on the recent Supreme Court decision RAPANOS v. United States. This decision determines whether limits exist to the federal government’s authority to re
gulate Wetlands under the Clean Water Act, specifically in navigable waters.

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich concentrates in environmental land use issues, including the implementation of the Highlands Act, CAFRA, and the Pinelands Act. For an example of our firm’s work in a Holland Township case, click here.

For an example of a preservation case in Bernards Township, which was recently upheld by the State Superior Court, click here

Regulatory Takings/Inverse Condemnation

WETLANDS: Regulation, Permitting, Litigation.

View the table of contents of the book “Wetlands 2001 Update

Read the latest about regulatory takings

Contamination Discovered on or Under Your Property

Sink Holes on Your Property

ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: Administrative and judicial challenges.

ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: Administrative and judicial challenges.

Environmental Litigation

Judge Allows Chromium Clean Up Litigation In Jersey City To Move Forward

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich Sues Over Radon Gas Exposure in Lopatcong

Lawsuit blames backyard pile of problems on Princeton University

Petersburg couple demands state remediate high groundwater salt content

“Civil war” still raging over lake

Read About Our Law Suit Against New Jersey Natural Gas Regarding a Coal Tar Clean Up in Atlantic Highlands

Did the DOT miss a detail?

Fair Lawn noise dispute tabled again

$124M contract awarded for new Highlands bridge

Lawsuit ripples community lake

Eagleswood backs state dredging of Westecunk Creek Residents fear location of material, noise

Firm files suit over mercury contaminated day care center

Read more about our work on behalf of homeowners affected by intrusive vapors and contamination from leaking underground storage tanks

Central New Jersey and Southern New Jersey both plagued by contamination caused by major oil companies.

Environmental Claims, Pollution, Hazardous Substance Discharges, Contaminated Property, Property Value Diminution, Toxic Substance and Personal Injury Claims, Toxic Torts, Superfund and Spill Act Litigation, Insurance Coverage Disputes

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich represents individuals, small business, corporatio
ns, and municipalities in securing insurance funding to remediate contaminated property. Read more about the role of insurance by clicking here.

Contamination Discovered on or Under Your Property

Sink Holes on Your Property


FERTILIZER: Use, abuse, exposure and illness.

HISTORIC PRESERVATION: Protecting our past.

$124M contract awarded for new Highlands bridge

Bank files suit in Forney House battle

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation recognizes Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich’s success in protecting a Revolutionary War Battlefield site in Edison, NJ.

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich assists property owners and those affected by leaking underground storage tanks. Our firm handles tank leak problems for residential and commercial property owners on a routine basis. We can help you communicate with the Department of Environmental Protection, insurance carriers, and warranty issuers. Our firm has also been instrumental in obtaining cleanup funding through various grant and loan programs, enabling our clients to accomplish removal or remediation of leaking USTs in a cost-effective manner. We can also save a pending real estate transaction and if necessary, commence a lawsuit to protect a client’s rights. When it comes to tank cases, our experience is unsurpassed.

Read more about how leaking underground storage tanks can affect your home

Contamination Discovered on or Under Your Property

In the Region/ When Buying a House, Beware the Buried Oil Tank

Insuring Your Underground Storage Tanks

Sellers’ verbal assurances

Municipal Attorney Services

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich P.C. serves as special counsel to numerous municipalities. The services provided by our attorneys have varied from general counseling to extensive litigation on the state and federal levels. In addition to addressing a municipality’s special needs, the attorneys at Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich are also qualified to fulfill the role of Municipal Attorney and address a governing body’s general legal needs

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich represents Bergen County Coalition that found that Teterboro Airport air quality is unhealthy

A legal loophole may prevent Meadowlands open space from being preserved.

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich assists the Borough of Carlstadt in challenging the proposed Xanadu development in the Meadowlands

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich retained by a North Jersey community to raise legal and land use challenges to a mega development in the New Jersey Meadowlands

Noise Pollution

Fair Lawn noise dispute tabled again

NOISE POLLUTION: Nuisance and quality of life claims

Our litigation regarding noise and air pollution from Teterboro

Nuisance Claims

How to Handle Your Noisy Neighbor

Healthier, more efficient wood burning stoves provide a better remodeling choice. Sometimes, the government will help pay for the upgrade.

Smoking Out Your Nasty Neighbor

A Neighborhood Exposed to Toxic Substance

Neighbors Causing Flooding

Development at higher elevations causing flooding on your property?

Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA)

Stuart Lieberman Hired to Oppose a Temple Proposed in Franklin Township

Another story on the tragic Bedmister Church Case

Read a recent updated column concerning this controversial issue

Learn how federal law relates to zoning issues and houses of worship. For more information, refer to this newspaper account which summarizes RLUIPA claims in New Jersey.


Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich represents clients in both commercial and residential real estate transactions and is uniquely qualified to assist clients in addressing the environmental complications that sometimes affect their real estate transactions.

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich provides environmental counsel in shopping center expansion application.

Read the article authored by Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich regarding land use boards that fail to follow the rules face judicial reversals.

Test the Well

Builders And Insurers Are Placing “Mold Clauses” In Their Contracts

Electromagnetic Fields

Septic System Maintenance

When Your Septic System Fails…

Public Drinking Water vs. Private Wells

Contamination Discovered on or Under Your Property

Environmental Disclosure Statements

Sink Holes on Your Property

Pesticide Use Around the Home, Natural Pesticide Options

Freon vs. Puron Air Conditioning

Green Laws and Runoff Problems

Slapp Suit and Environmental Whistleblower

Group says bank threatens lawsuit


Environmental whistleblower cases.


Toxic Torts – Including Drinking Water Litigation



Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich is co-council in massive drinking water case against DuPont.

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich prevail in application for class action certification against DuPont in large drinking water contamination case.

District Court Judge Renee Marie Bumb Grants Class Action Certification for up to 15,000 South Jersey Residents with drinking water contaminated with PFOA from DuPont.

Tainted water suit allowed to proceed

Worried about their wells

Warehouse foes fear contamination

Appellate court upholds Chevron responsibility for cleanup at gas station site

Gas station ordered to compensate couple

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich represent couple forced to flee home after they’re faced with MTBE contamination from nearby gas station.

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich serves as New Jersey counsel in a class action suit against Dupont relating to drinking water contamination.

Click here to review a recent journal article regarding the Dupont matter.

During the last century, we talked about how chemicals would enhance our lifestyles, as a result, we then stopped talking, and started producing. In this century, the focus is now on how these chemicals have entered our drinking water, and what we must do to reduce the risk. If you are interested in learning more, read an article written by attorney Stuart J. Lieberman entitled Benzene Can Make You Very Sick, Know The Risks And Reduce The Odds.

New Jersey Legislators recently voted to ban the use of MTBE in the Garden State, but it was, and continues to be, a controversial issue.

Representation in Water Contamination cases

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich files a lawsuit on behalf of residents of a Sussex County, New Jersey town whose water has become contaminated with uranium

One of our drinking water contamination cases against the big oil companies

A dry well case

Public water supply contaminated with uranium

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich successfully reargues a motion before the Supreme Court of New York Appellate Division in toxic tort case involving 270+ Plaintiffs who were exposed to contaminated water.

Test the Well

School Bus Emissions May Harm Children

Electromagnetic Fields

Public Drinking Water vs. Private Wells

Pesticide Use Around the Home,Natural Pesticide Options

We Fight Inappropriate Cell Tower Locations

Residents sue to block cell tower in Essex Fells

Residents oppose plan for two cellular towers

Cell tower opponents say property values will fall

FH Sets Cell Tower Height Demo

Cell tower foes set to fight

Another Cell Tower Bites The Dust

See another Liebermnan & Blecher cell tower case in Monmouth County

Opposing Cell Towers and Cell Antennas.

Community Groups Fight Against Cell Towers

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich represents homeowners opposed to the development of cell towers in residential neighborhoods.

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    NJ Law Journal Jan 09, 2020

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