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Hazardous Site Remediation

Many of our clients are owners or operators of property that has been impacted by hazardous substances or petroleum products. These impacts may stem from leaking underground storage tanks, compromised commercial or industrial infrastructure, accidental spills or overfills and various other sources. Impacts may even stem from neighboring landowners or from historical uses of the property of which a client may not be aware.

There are numerous environmental laws that require or relate to the cleanup of hazardous substances and petroleum products that become released into the environment. Among them are the federal Comprehensive Environmental Response, Cleanup and Liability Act (also known as “CERCLA” or “Superfund”), and the New Jersey Spill Compensation and Control Act.  The attorneys at Lieberman & Blecher are intimately familiar with these and other laws and regulations that relate to the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites. Our attorneys counsel property owners, commercial and industrial businesses, land developers, and others in navigating the hazardous site remediation process to clean up contaminated property. With a long history of success in securing funding for environmental cleanups, we also help our clients defray the often high cost of remediaton.

We take a holistic approach to our clients’ environmental issues, and our attorneys work closely with other professionals, including environmental consultants and engineers. The projects in which our clients are involved sit at the intersection of the scientific and the legal, and our attorneys are uniquely equipped to navigate this space. We assist clients in understanding their legal liability, liaise with consultants who are at the cutting edge of remedial science, and build teams that help our clients meet their goals and achieve lasting results.

Whether our clients are involved with a Superfund site, an industrial facility, a gasoline service station, or a leaking residential underground storage tank, the attorneys at Lieberman & Blecher offer first-rate guidance and legal counsel. There is no project too large or small. Some examples of contaminated sites that our attorneys have been involved with include:

  • Large regional landfills
  • Small industrial use landfills
  • Gasoline service stations
  • Specialty chemical manufacturing sites
  • Plastics and vinyls manufacturing sites
  • Former pulp and paper production plants
  • Automobile repair facilities
  • Coal-fired and natural gas power plants
  • Dry cleaning establishments
  • Residential and commercial properties

For more information about our hazardous site remediation services, please consult our blog or archive, or contact our office to discuss a specific contaminated site with our attorneys.