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Environmental Litigation

The environmental attorneys at Lieberman & Blecher are skilled negotiators who deal regularly with insurance carriers, potentially responsible parties, regulators and other stakeholders to achieve swift and cost-effective results for our clients. Where amicable resolutions are not forthcoming, our team of environmental litigators stand ready to prosecute or defend claims on behalf of our clients before administrative, state or federal courts. Our attorneys serve as lead counsel in trials, court hearings on injunctions, administrative hearings, and appeals involving contaminated land, air and water, solid and hazardous waste and other issues.

The breadth of Lieberman & Blecher’s environmental practice enables our attorneys to litigate virtually any type of environmental dispute.  The environmental litigators at Lieberman & Blecher prosecute environmental cost recovery actions, negligent site remediation claims, toxic exposure claims and tort actions, and environmental coverage actions against insurance companies, just to name a few. Our attorneys also defend government enforcement actions, natural resource damage claims, and environmental cost recovery and contribution claims, among others.

Where Law and Science Meet, Our Litigators Excel

Lieberman & Blecher’s complex environmental litigation practice keeps our attorneys at the forefront of where the legal meets the scientific: our attorneys know the science and routinely handle the examination of scientific and medical experts in disciplines relating to environmental law. And, our litigation capabilities match those of firms many times our size. The attorneys at Lieberman & Blecher are masters of litigation strategy, discovery, motion practice, and trial preparation. Our environmental litigators utilize the best in litigation technology and liaise with consultants and experts to build winning litigation teams.

Making Environmental Law

Our attorneys’ success in the courtroom is matched by their strong experience and results at the appellate level. In order to protect a favorable verdict, or to seek further judicial review, our attorneys defend and pursue appeals to the highest levels of the judiciary. Our seasoned appellate litigators include attorneys who have clerked for and argued before state and federal appellate courts. The attorneys at Lieberman & Blecher do not just practice environmental law; they make environmental law.