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Real Estate and Redevelopment

Commercial Real Estate Legal Services for Businesses and Individuals

The attorneys at Lieberman & Blecher assist individual and organizational clients in the buying, selling, developing, redeveloping, transferring and refinancing of real property. Our real estate practice is primarily focused on commercial property and our clients include small business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate landowners with extensive real estate portfolios. We assist these clients with negotiation, contract preparation, due diligence, title review, financing, land use issues, permitting, closing and overall project management. In our real estate practice, we believe that one size does not fit all. We make a point of fully understanding our clients’ objectives as landowners and business owners so as to provide services that will meet each client’s specific legal, business and investment needs.

Environmental Issues in Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial real estate practice grows out of our broader environmental law practice. Landowners and prospective landowners frequently seek out our law firm because of its strong environmental law capabilities. Clients look to our attorneys to help them navigate the environmental issues affecting their properties and business operations. For example, our attorneys assist clients by evaluating environmental conditions and liabilities identified during Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, steering them through the New Jersey Industrial Site Remediation Act or ISRA process and obtaining environmental and related permits from governmental authorities. In cases where environmental impacts, such a soil or groundwater contamination, are identified, our attorneys help clients to understand the extent of their environmental obligations and the myriad ways that environmental obligations and liabilities can be managed in the course of a real property transaction.

Brownfields and Redevelopment of Industrial and Commercial Property

Brownfields are properties have either been impacted by environmental contamination or are believed to have been impacted by environmental contamination. These properties sit idle, have been abandoned, or are otherwise underutilized as a result of the real or perceived environmental impact. Such properties often include former industrial and manufacturing sites where discharges of hazardous substances or petroleum products have occurred. Brownfields can also include relatively clean properties that are thought to be contaminated because of their proximity to a known contaminated site. The redevelopment of brownfields and other contaminated property can be vital to the economic and social development of their host communities. As a result, landowners, investors and governmental entities are often inclined to support the redevelopment of these once productive sites.

The environmental lawyers at Lieberman & Blecher assist clients in their efforts to buy, sell, and redevelop brownfield sites. In doing so, our attorneys have developed a unique understanding of the historical uses of industrial and commercial properties, the environmental issues that may result and how to return now dormant sites to productive use. We work routinely with landowners, lenders, redevelopment agencies, environmental regulators, investors, financiers, and environmental and other consultants to analyze and achieve beneficial reuse of brownfield sites. Regardless of the role a client may play in a brownfields or redevelopment transaction, our attorneys provide thoughtful guidance to ensure a successful transaction.

An established environmental lawyers, shareholder Stuart J. Lieberman literally wrote the book on brownfields in New Jersey. “New Jersey Brownfields Law” is available from the Law Journal Publications Press, and details many of the issues associated with and peculiar to New Jersey Brownfields redevelopment.