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Client Testimonials

What Clients Are Saying about the New Jersey Environmental Lawyers of Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich

Hear what just some of the past and present cliLieberman photoents of the environmental lawyers at Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich are saying about the quality service and lasting results achieved by Stuart Lieberman, Shari Blecher and their dedicated and effective team of attorneys at Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich a boutique law firm that concentrates its practice in the areas of environmental and land use law.


Flooding From Neighbor’s Stormwater Runoff

I experienced water runoff from a neighboring property for years. Attempts to address it became futile. Contacted Lieberman, Blecher & Sinkevich and worked with Michael Gan, Esq. who immediately addressed the issue. Within a few months the problem was resolved – highly recommend their work. (M.A., Passaic County).)

Firm successfully helped client with land use matter

Our company had a land use problem in southern New Jersey.  Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich helped us out by hiring strong experts to appear before the local land use board, and succeeded in helping us gain the approvals we required.  We recommend this firm for others to help with similar land use issues.  (S. M., South Jersey)

Law firm opposed project that would harm our community

I retained the firm of Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich P.C in a matter where a developer was seeking variance on a R5 zone meant for single and two family homes, however the developer wanted to construct an 3 story apartment building with 14 units and 25 parking spaces adjacent to my home. Thanks to my attorney Stuart Lieberman who is knowledgeable, professional, and informative the applicant was denied. If you are in need of skillfull attorneys this is your firm. I highly recommend the firm of Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich. (J.R., Bergen County, NJ – August 6, 2021)

Contribution for Remediation of Contaminated Service Station Site

Attorneys Shari Blecher and C. Michael Gan planned and executed a collaborated strategy for both the cleanup and reimbursement of our service station site after years of contamination neglect. They more than exceeded my expectations as the site was remediated in record time while reimbursement from the oil corporation was fairly negotiated and phased in just as we needed. They are highly responsive dedicated professionals that demonstrated their skills and knowledge on complicated environmental issues with the NJDEP and our LSRP engineers. Most of all, they are ethical and honest and I highly recommend this law firm with your environmental issues! (R.G.)

Helped Address Unfair Tenant Demands

I used Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich to assist me in responding to a very unreasonable tenant. I was considering paying the tenant’s demands but hired the law firm and could not have been more pleased. Stuart Lieberman and his team were very knowledgeable, attentive, responsive and reasonable. They helped me navigate waters that were unfamiliar to me. I was so happy with their help and results. They saved me thousands of dollars. My legal fees were very well spent. I highly recommend this law firm. (H.K., Westwood, NJ)

This law firm helped our community oppose a bad development proposal

I recommend Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich to people who need to oppose a bad development idea in their neighborhood. We were up against a popular well intentioned local organization who proposed a development that was going to interfere with many of its neighbors and their rights to peacefully enjoy their homes. After the Lieberman firm assembled our opposition the neighbors also mobilized with a strong communication campaign. Ultimately the applicant dropped the application. While no one knows what the future will bring, it’s good to know that this firm is there for the community. (R G., Mercer county)

Lieberman & Blecher successfully obtains insurance coverage for a cleanup of chlorinated solvent contamination from an on-site dry cleaning business

Using Shari Blecher and her firm to help with our environmental issues was the best decision I could have made. She and her team are relentless in the pursuit of a solution and have saved us considerable time, energy and a substantial amount of money. I highly recommend Shari and her firm. (A.L, Esq.)

Help with contamination cleanup

My family had a long standing issue involving a site cleanup and the NJDEP. We not only had to deal with the DEP but also the cleanup consultants. Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich provided us with the guidance that really helped our family out. (Dawn D., Newark, NJ)

Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich successfully opposes development of a cell tower in Bergen County

As a resident of a New Jersey municipality, I retained Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich to oppose the development of a proposed cell tower in critical Wetlands. Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich displayed the diligence and dedication necessary to stay ahead of the proposed development plan each step of the way. Their team’s collaborative process ultimately led to the termination of the proposed telecommunications project. I am satisfied with the result and would highly recommend this law firm.” (M.S., Mahwah, NJ).

Significant Insurance Settlement for Contaminated Passaic County Commercial Property Owners

My family has been involved in an environmental action since the early 1990s when the State of NJ designated our property in Pompton Lakes as an environmental hazard. I have been extremely pleased and grateful to Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich because they have located a major source of funding which has enabled my family to bear the sizable cost of the environmental cleanup which the State of New Jersey has levied on the owner of the property. With the help of Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich we received a very generous cash settlement. The money from the settlement is currently funding all of the environmental and legal costs of the cleanup and the on-going monitoring by the State. My family is very pleased to recommend Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich to prospective clients who might benefit from their hard work and ingenuity. (J.R. and A.R., Los Angeles, CA; Sacramento, CA)

Monmouth County, New Jersey Commercial Property Owner Finds Relief from Environmental Concerns

After years of owning a NJDEP registered property with no real plan but a constant worry about how to get the property cleaned up, I searched on the web for a NJ law firm who specialized in environmental issues. Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich was the first firm that appeared in my search so I called and made an appointment. Meeting Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich finally gave me a glimmer of hope about the environmental nightmare I was living for so many years. During the initial meeting with Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich I realized that I had found someone who knew exactly what position I was in, spoke the environmental language and knew what was and was not an option. In a short time, we made tremendous progress in not only having the property remediated but also having Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich secure one of the large oil companies to participate in the financials of the clean-up.  (J.S., Neptune, NJ)

Princeton Homeowners Get Help Responding to a Fuel Oil Leak from an Underground Storage Tank

It was an absolute pleasure working with Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich P.C.  My husband and I were dealing with an Underground Storage Tank (UST), that, despite having been certified as “decommissioned”, had leaked and had caused damage to our property.  Ms. Blecher was able explain to us our rights as property owners and walked us through the remediation process.  She coordinated efforts with our remediation company and insurance provider so that the cleanup process occurred properly and efficiently.  Ms. Blecher took what was an overwhelming issue and made the process smooth and easy-to-understand.  We truly felt that we had an advocate as we dealt with this difficult concern and would highly recommend her and her firm. (J.R., Princeton, NJ)

Commercial/Industrial Site Owner in Middlesex County, New Jersey Thanks the Environmental Lawyers at Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich

I would like to personally thank Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich for their help and advice to my family in dealing with an environmental cleanup issue. When it is a big company and their legal team against a small property owner, I have learned that you need an expert to protect your property and your rights. The team at Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich did this for my family in a professional and cost effective manner. I would certainly recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal assistance. (C.K., Woodbridge, NJ)

Attorney Shari Blecher Fights to Recover Substantial Environmental Cleanup Costs at Former Gas Station Site

I met Shari back in 2011 during my initial meeting at Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and confidence in that she could help me with the environmental issue on my property. With her experience in this field, Shari suggested a number of different avenues we could pursue as we collectively did more due diligence on the history of the property. After much discovery work it was identified that a large oil company had leased the property decades earlier.  After this discovery, Shari was not only able to track down the proper current oil corporation but more importantly succeeded in having them sign on to be responsible for a majority of the environmental clean-up of the property. Having lived for over 10 years with the fact that the property clean-up could ruin me financially, to hear the news from Shari that she had succeeded in securing financial responsibility from an oil corporation was unbelievable.  For the first time since I owned the property there was a now a legitimate path to having the property remediated.  That path was only possible due to Shari’s hard work, dedication to her clients, and her vast experience in the environmental field. 

Land Use Team Defeats Cell Tower Planned for Monmouth County Community

Members of my community retained the land use team at Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich to oppose the development of a cell tower in our neighborhood. Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich was thoughtful and attentive to our group’s concerns, and undertook the battle against this development as their own. It was a great pleasure to work with the team and we couldn’t be more pleased in our decision to hire Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich. This is a group of lawyers who make a real difference in the lives of many people. (J.D., Holmdel, NJ)

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