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About the Firm

Our Mission

To provide thoughtful advice and creative solutions to meet the environmental law, land use and litigation needs of individual and organizational clients with the goal of achieving lasting results.

Our History

Photo of the firm's attorneysLieberman & Blecher was formed in 2000 by founding shareholders Stuart J. Lieberman and Shari M. Blecher, two environmental litigators with a history of representing corporate, small business, individual and governmental clients in all facets of environmental matters in New Jersey and neighboring states. The founding shareholders had a vision for a results-oriented environmental law and land use practice that leveraged talent and technology in order to provide exceptional client service, while adhering to a cost-effective philosophy that would save clients time and money. What emerged was a team of fine environmental and land use attorneys and a supportive staff committed to serving the environmental law, land use and litigation needs of individual and organizational clients in New Jersey and surrounding states. Together, we achieve lasting results for our clients.

A Dynamic Environmental Law, Land Use and Litigation Practice

The attorneys at Lieberman & Blecher are committed to serving a broad swath of clients. We work with people and organizations of different philosophies, objectives, and financial ability. Our attorneys have counted some of the largest corporations in the world among their clients. We also serve the environmental law needs of individuals, small businesses, government entities and non-profit organizations. Our attorneys are not tied to one type of client, one kind of case, or one set of legal issues. The range of clients we serve, projects we manage, and issues we work on ensure that our environmental law, land use, and complex litigation practices remain well-rounded and dynamic. From this unique platform, we are able to provide thoughtful advice and legal counsel to clients across the spectrum, all of whom have at least one thing in common – they consistently receive first-rate service from Lieberman & Blecher.