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Environmental Cleanup Cost Recovery

Cleaning Up Contaminated Property

The environmental attorneys at Lieberman & Blecher have spent decades working with clients to remediate contaminated property. From large industrial establishments, to local dry cleaners and service stations, our attorneys have been involved in cleanup projects of every size and scope, and they all have at least one thing in common: cost.  Cleaning up contaminated property is rarely cheap and is almost always complicated. Even a deceivingly small site or spill can present a challenging remediation scenario unexpected by the site owner or operator.  This is where the attorneys of Lieberman & Blecher do some of their best work.  Our attorneys understand the science, the remediation technology, and the law.  We use this knowledge to help our clients defray the cost of environmental remediation, so they can focus on purring their property to productive or enjoyable use.

Recovering Costs for Cleaning Up Contaminated Property

Our environmental cleanup cost recovery practice is multifaceted. We assist clients in analyzing their potential cleanup liability and examine how that liability might be spread among multiple sources, including insurance carriers, prior owners and/or operators, and other stakeholders who may have a relationship to the environmental conditions at issue. We also assist clients in evaluating the availability of remedial funding through loan and grant programs, including those that may be subsidized by government entities. In many cases, our attorneys are able to negotiate cleanup cost sharing between the various stakeholders involved. Other times, the only recourse may lie in pursuing environmental litigation under state or federal law.

Pursuing all of the available avenues of environmental cleanup funding or reimbursement requires equal parts creativity and pragmatism, and our attorneys are adept in both areas. Lieberman & Blecher is known for finding creative solutions to our clients’ remedial funding needs.