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Environmental Law Firm in New York

Lieberman & Blecher is a law firm that represents New York individuals, corporations, businesses, and public entities in an array of New York environmental issues, including noise pollution; Brownfields contamination; Superfund cases; hazardous substance discharges; wetlands; regulatory takings; groundwater and drinking water; and toxic tort cases, including MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) contamination.

Lieberman & Blecher seeks to provide its New York City, Staten Island, and upstate New York clients the best legal advice possible by devoting its full effort and individual attention to each client, rather than fragmenting their needs. For this reason, Lieberman & Blecher is focused on making sure that New York individuals, companies, and community organizations are provided the quality environmental representation that meets their particular needs.

Lieberman & Blecher’s experienced New York environmental attorneys concentrate in the areas of:

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks
Community Opposition
Toxic Torts - Including Drinking Water Litigation
Environmental Litigation
Environmental Compliance & Litigation
Funding for Environmental Cleanup - Including Insurance Coverage Disputes
Commercial Real Estate
We Fight Inappropriate Cell Tower Locations

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The lawyers at Lieberman & Blecher routinely represent private parties, businesses and municipalities in sophisticated litigation. Lieberman & Blecher makes appearances in the state and Federal courts, as well as in the administrative courts. Litigation requires a certain kind of lawyer. Clients know that Lieberman & Blecher is never afraid to take a stand for them – no matter who is on the other side. Lieberman & Blecher regularly takes on big companies, such as the major oil companies; and sues government Defendants more often than any other kind of Defendant.