Attorneys for Business and Property Owners Impacted by Hurricanes and Extreme Weather Events
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Legal Counsel for Hurricane Recovery and Storm Damage in New Jersey

Lawyers Assisting Clients with Hurricane Recovery

New Jersey residents and property owners who have suffered the impacts of significant storm events know too well that powerful hurricanes, tropical storms and “super  storms” can destroy property, disrupt businesses and devastate communities.  Recovering from hurricane and storm damage can take months, and even years, depending on the extent of the damage and the legal, insurance and other issues involved in the cleanup and rebuilding efforts.  The attorneys at Lieberman & Blecher can help property owners, business owners, individuals and municipalities recover in the wake of extensive storm damage.

Insurance Coverage Counsel for Hurricane and Storm-Related Damage

Insurance coverage and appealing insurance denials is one of the areas of law that most affects hurricane and storm victims.   Insurance companies have already taken what might be viewed as aggressive positions against Hurricane Sandy victims.  These companies have lawyers and experts on their side.  You may very well be well served by retaining the services of a lawyer who understands insurance law and has years of experience in this field.   Our team of attorneys at Lieberman & Blecher has extensive experience in insurance coverage matters.  Specifically, our attorneys have years of experience pursuing and litigating insurance claims on behalf of commercial property owners, business  owners, homeowners,  condominium and homeowner associations, and municipalities among others.  In the wake of hurricanes and significant storm events, we have found that property owners often need experienced counsel to pursue their rights against insurance companies who are often inundated with claims and may not be sensitive to the unique concern of individual policyholders.   In addition, our attorneys can help analyze insurance claim responses and help defeat denials from insurance carriers in order to obtain the most coverage from the insurance policies (whether homeowners policies, flood policies or business interruption and business policies). The New Jersey Hurricane Lawyers at Lieberman & Blecher have handled high value claims involving adjustment, improper denials, coverage determination, improper calculation of deductibles, and cases where insurance companies simply refuse to pay the right amount.  Let us help you maximize the insurance proceeds you receive in order to start your cleanup and your rebuild.

Assisting Clients in Hurricane Recovery and Rebuilding Efforts

As insurance coverage counsel, our team can serve as the one-stop shop for clients whose lives and businesses have been disrupted and whose commercial and residential property has been damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy.  In the wake of significant storm events, including Hurricane Sandy, which devastated the New Jersey shore in October 2012, our attorneys work with clients to:

  • Obtain insurance coverage. Our attorneys have significant experience in analyzing insurance policies and obtaining coverage for property and environmental damage.  We have been successful in maximizing insurance coverage for our clients’ properties and businesses through presenting and pursuing claims, resolving disputes with carriers, and litigating when necessary.  Our attorneys can help if your insurance company has delayed or denied claims for hurricane or storm damage, failed to pay the full value of your claims, or refused to reimburse you for hurricane and storm-related losses.
  • Seeking Federal (FEMA) and State Assistance. We counsel clients in the evaluating, preparing and submitting applications for federal, state and local grants and loans.
  • Restore and Redevelop Property Damaged or Destroyed by Hurricanes or Storms. Our attorneys work with clients on permitting and approvals for redevelopment initiatives including coastal development, such as shoreline stabilization, commercial and residential development, and dock and marina facility construction.  Our team of environmental, land use and redevelopment attorneys has experience in coastal development and construction, representing clients before governing agencies to obtain wetlands, development, and local land use permits and approvals.
  • Assess and Respond to Environmental Impacts and Contamination. The environmental attorneys at Lieberman & Blecher help clients by coordinating environmental and engineering investigation and remediation of various issues, including mold, water damage, heating oil, petroleum, asbestos, and sanitary waste cleanups.  Our team of environmental lawyers and litigators assist clients in responding to environmental releases and other property damage, identifying avenues of relief and obtaining cleanup/abatement funding.
  • Evaluate Contracts and Leases Impacted by Hurricane and Storm Damage. Hurricanes and storms that cause significant damage can impact contract and lease obligations.  Our attorneys analyze commercial and residential leases and contracts concerning rights of termination, rent abatements, division of repair obligations, and environmental responsibilities.  In addition, our environmental team provides related environmental due diligence assistance, including coordinating environmental investigation, remediation, demolition, waste disposal, and restoration services.

We invite you to visit our website and learn more about how we have helped clients with insurance coverage, environmental and land use issues throughout New Jersey.  At Lieberman & Blecher, we have concentrated our practice in these areas for over a decade.  We have developed a thorough approach to helping clients with hurricane and storm related claims and rebuilding efforts.  Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in cases involving property damage, environmental impacts and toxic mold, as well as residential and commercial property restoration and redevelopment.  Those impacted by hurricanes and significant storm events often need counsel experienced in these diverse areas in order to respond to the various issues they may be confronted with in the aftermath of severe weather events.

Personalized Care from Attorneys With a Long Record of Success

Our team is committed to personalized and quality representation of businesses, individuals and municipalities who need the help of dedicated professionals who prioritize our clients’ needs while they work to rebuild their lives and businesses in the wake of severe weather events.  Contact our  lawyers at any time by e-mail or telephone to discuss how we can help you plan and prepare for the restoration and rebuilding efforts that lie ahead.

New York and New Jersey Hurricane Lawyers