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New Jersey Appeals Court Advocacy

Lieberman & Blecher offers substantial New Jersey appeals court advocacy experience. Whether it is an appeal before the Appellate Division of the Superior Court, the Law Division in a municipal court or land use board appeal, or the New Jersey Supreme Court, our firm's appellate experience will help you and your client put your best foot forward in advancing your arguments on appeal.

Since all final agency decisions in New Jersey are reviewed in our state Appellate Division, our state appellate judges represent the first judicial review for many contested matters in this State. This is why an understanding of the New Jersey appeals process is so vital.

This includes developing a suitable appellate strategy, drafting a focussed brief that succinctly but fully relies on the record below and highlights the important issues on appeal, properly presents the written brief and appendix in a logical manner that satisfies the Rules of Court, argument preparation, moot courting, and finally presentation.

Our New Jersey appeals practice offers two alternatives for representation.

Option One assumes the entire appeal. Here Lieberman & Blecher will file the Notice or Appeal or the Petition for Certification and will work with trial counsel as a resource to provide the highest quality New Jersey appeals product for the client's benefit.

Option Two is a collaborative option. Our firm will either be of counsel during the appellate process or by written agreement will perform specified tasks during the appellate practice. Here care must be taken to define exactly which firm will undertake and assume repsonsibility for specific undertakings and sequencing of the required tasks.

Lieberman & Blecher attorneys enjoy New Jersey appellate practice. We have enjoyed substantial experience with appeals from state agency decisions, trial court decisions, Law Division appeals of Planning Board or Zoning Board decisions and Supreme Court matters.

If you or your law firm is filing an appeal or responding to an appeal and you desire a law firm to either take the appeal over or provide specified assistance, contact us at 732-355-1311 or email using this site's email designation.

There are relatively short time periods by which different filings must be submitted. Therefore we will respond to your inquiry promptly to discuss your appeal and the services that we might offer you and/or your client.