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"From Green Acres to Brownfields" - Environmental Law, Land Use, Toxic Torts

Our practice areas are:
Environmental Law
Land Use
Toxic Torts
Government Agency Challenges
General Litigation

That is all that we do. No estate planning, no divorces, no probate.

At Lieberman & Blecher, we do not try to be all things to all people. Rather, we concentrate our efforts so that we can really master our fields. Whether it is a cap-less landfill, a contaminating neighbor, a defective product, a smelly incinerator, an illegal Planning Board approval, drinking water that cannot be consumed, or a company that ignored its contract, we are the "right law firm."

Our clients are as diverse as the cases they bring to us. They include developers, individuals, citizens groups, industries, factories and municipalities.

"Dirt Trenches to Courtroom Trenches"

Our practice often takes us from dirt trenches to courtroom trenches. To understand a wetlands cases, you need to see the wetland and evaluate the issues by seeing them, smelling them and touching them. To do what we do, you must be "hands on," which means you need to leave your office sometimes.

Often, Lieberman & Blecher lawyers meet with the DEP in Trenton and with the EPA and other regulatory agencies. In many cases, disputes can be resolved through discussion -- but that happens only after your lawyer understands all of the facts and legal issues.

A lawyer must be well versed in environmental law in order to properly become involved in it. Our lawyers and paralegals do this work every day of the work week. And we practice New Jersey litigation every day of the week.

COAH (Council on Affordable Housing) Challenges/Appeals

Lieberman & Blecher represents organizations with regard to municipal Fair Share Plans and other COAH issues. The firm’s experience in practicing before municipal land use boards and various state and federal agencies lend to our ability to effectively represent our clients’ interest in COAH proceedings.

Lieberman & Blecher Files Suit in Federal Court Against Millstone Borough for Its Blocking of Development

12/09/06 Update on the Franklin Township COAH Plan

Read a recent article authored by Lieberman & Blecher regarding the importance of reviewing environmental constraints when considering affordable housing plans.

An update on the Franklin Township Housing Plan as of 2/9/06.

The Courier News reports on the February 8, 2006 Planning Board Meeting on Franklin Townships COAH plan

Residents sue to reverse project approval. Franklin Twp. council accused of illegal vote on big development.

Click here to read about a COAH challenge in Franklin Township, Somerset County, New Jersey where a community organizations filed suit against the municipality for improperly adopting a Fair Share Plan.