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NJDEP Updates Vapor Intrusion Guidance

Effective this month, the NJDEP has updated its vapor intrusion guidance.  Vapor intrusion or "VI" refers to hazardous substances in contaminated soil or groundwater that may volatilize (i.e., disperse as a gas) and migrate upward through subsurface soils or other pathways and impact the indoor air quality of overlying buildings.  Depending on the extent of hazardous substances present in the sub-slab or indoor air of a building, a responsible party may be required to monitor and/or mitigate the vapor intrusion pathway.  Where levels of vapor intrusion exceed applicable standards, it may present an "immediate environmental concern" requiring rapid action. Site owners/operators should be sensitive to the changes in VI requirements, which apply to ongoing cleanup sites.  More information is available at the NJDEP vapor intrusion website or by contacting a member of our environmental law team.

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