Heating Oil Leaks and Gasoline Spills from Hurricane Sandy
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Responding to Environmental Impacts and Contamination from Hurricane Sandy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, residents throughout New Jersey and New York have been experiencing impacts from discharges and releases of petroleum and hazardous substances into the environment.  Heating oil leaks and other releases from above ground tanks have been prominent as a result of high winds, falling trees and damaged infrastructure.  Flood waters and high wind events have caused many leaks, further compounding the devastation incurred by many.

Likewise, underground storage tanks which hold gasoline, heating oil and other chemicals may have also been compromised during the Superstorm Sandy.  The environmental attorneys at Lieberman & Blecher counsel many owners of industrial facilities and gasoline stations.  We have suggested that owners and/or operators of underground (as well as above ground) tanks take precautions to ensure that their tanks are in good condition and have not leaked as a result of this severe weather event.  In addition, gas station owners should confirm that their tanks and piping systems are intact and are not causing releases of gasoline into the environment.  Tank and system tightness tests should be completed as soon as possible.

If you have experienced a release of contamination on your site, or onto your site from a neighboring property as a result of Sandy, the environmental lawyers at Lieberman & Blecher are to help you navigate through this most difficult time. Funding for environmental investigation and cleanup is often one of the obstacles to beginning remediation efforts. Our attorneys have the experience in navigating through determining whether funding is available to help start cleaning up New Jersey and New York from Hurricane Sandy. Whether through insurance coverage determinations or monies that may be available through governmental programs, our team stands ready to help you.   Our attorneys are known for developing creative solutions to environmental and legal challenges.  We assist site owners and operators manage the often taxing work of environmental response activities so that they can focus on continuing to build their businesses.

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New Jersey Hurricane Lawyers Help Respond to Contamination from Superstorm Sandy