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Attorneys Assisting in Hurricane Sandy Recovery

All of us at Lieberman & Blecher, P.C. hope that you, your families, and colleagues are safe and well following Hurricane Sandy.

Like many others, our offices experienced a power outage and delay in receiving e-mail and other communications.  We are fully back online and stand ready to assist you, your business, and your family.  As we begin down the road to restoration and recovery, our team of attorneys will be assisting New Jerseyans and New Yorkers in the following areas:

1.  Obtaining insurance coverage. Our attorneys have significant experience in analyzing insurance policies and obtaining coverage for environmental and non-environmental damage.  We have been successful in maximizing insurance coverage for our clients' properties and businesses through presenting and pursuing claims, resolving disputes with carriers, and litigating when necessary;

2.  Assisting in the evaluation, preparation and submission of applications forfederal, state and local grants and loans;

3.  Coordinating environmental and engineering investigation and remediation of various issues, including mold, water damage, heating oil, petroleum, asbestos, and sanitary waste cleanups.  Our team of environmental lawyers and litigators assist clients in responding to environmental releases and other property damage, identifying avenues of relief and obtaining cleanup/abatement funding;

4.  Contract and lease preparation and analysis. Our attorneys provide related environmental due diligence assistance, including coordinating environmental investigation, remediation, demolition, waste disposal, and restoration services.  We also analyze commercial and residential leases and contracts concerning rights of termination, rent abatements, division of repair obligations, and environmental responsibilities; and,

5.  Permitting and approvals for redevelopment initiatives including coastal development, such as shoreline stabilization, commercial and residential development and dock, and marina facility construction.  Our team of land use and redevelopment attorneys have substantial experience in coastal development and construction, representing clients before governing agencies to obtain wetlands, development, and local land use permits and approvals.  We will be assisting our clients as they restore the shore and create new public and private spaces in the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Our attorneys are available to you to discuss your needs at any time.  You may contact Stuart Lieberman or Shari Blecher or any member of our team directly via e-mail or by calling us at (732) 355-1311.

To receive updates on the changing environmental and regulatory landscape, and other legal issues relating to Hurricane Sandy, visit ourenvironmental law and land use blog.

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